Tuesday, January 19, 2010

500mm x 500mm Final Print

This Family Tree has quite a large ammount of branches as each generation had lots of children. The final result looked great and the client was so happy with the finished piece they ordered reprints to give to their relatives, which is always a good sign of their appreciation.
This was printed on Matte photographic paper and measured 500mm x 500mm.
I generally advise getting the prints framed and put on display as they are great talking points.

Black & White Tree Detail

Detail from Black & White Tree. 

Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Tree Arc Sample

Commision from a client to redesign the standard family tree and  would also span three generations.
The final design is very clean looking and aestheticaly pleasing.
This design can also incorporate information on the family and parents. It also looks great when it's framed.

Pen & Ink Design

This is a more traditional style using pen & ink. The process is much more time consuming and all details must be correct before illustration begins as there is no room for error.

Tree Detail

Tree Samples